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Caravan Life

Rentals & Rental Assistance 

Camper rentals offer an affordable gateway to outdoor experiences without the burdens of ownership. By utilizing the Poo-Lice platform, renters gain peace of mind through a secure and transparent rental process. The platform ensures ease of access, allowing rentals to seamlessly browse available campers, book with confidence, and embark on their adventure hassle-free. For camper owners, the program streamlines the rental management process, providing a reliable avenue to generate passive income while entrusting their asset to a trustworthy service, fostering peace of mind. 


Choose from our ever growing fleet of rentals. All include complimentary coffee to start your morning off right, shampoo, toothpaste, and soaps. We cover all the essentials just bring yourself and your favorite snacks. We also offer special packages for every occasion. Captain services available during summer season. Enjoy a hassle-free day on the lake to include a guided day on Lake Allatoona.

Birthday Bash

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Rental Assistance Program

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